For the 8th edition of #PortraitJazz we would like to explore ‘Brown and Roach incorporated’. This album is one of several that resulted from the partnership between drummer Max Roach and trumpeter Clifford Brown after Roach invited Brown in New York City to join him in creating a band.

Together they selected additional musicians to comprise the quintet from among the jazz musicians currently active in Hollywood. The band’s early line-ups included Sonny Stitt, Teddy Edwards, Carl Perkins and George Bledsoe, but by the time the first of these sessions was recorded in August 1954, they had been replaced by the more long-term line-up of Clifford Brown, Harold Land and Richie Powell, the musicians on this album.

Clifford Brown died in a car accident in 1956 but not before recording some truly amazing music. He is remembered as one of the greatest of all time.