For the 3rd edition of Portrait Jazz we would like to explore ‘Thelonious Monk at the Blackhawk’, recorded in San Francisco in 1960. By this time, Monk was well renowned as a band leader and composer. For much of the 50’s he had been unable to work in clubs due to his refusal to testify against his friend and fellow pianist Bud Powell in a narcotics case. By 1957 however he was able to play again and this album, although not among he best known, features some of his most memorable compositions. IT was recorded for Riverside Records only two years before Monk moved to Columbia. He was no longer an underrated genius dwindling in obscurity, but on his way to being recognized as one of the giants of jazz.

Portrait Jazz is a jam session every other Tuesday at Unit31. At every edition the house band plays a classic Jazz album from start to finish, after which we will open up for anyone who wants to join and play over various bebop/hard bop standards.


The night will go from 7pm til 11, get down early so you can catch the house set and have enough time to jam aswell. See you there!

House Band

Jackson Mathod – trumpet
Theo Erskine – tenor
Raffy Bushman – piano
Edoardo Bombace – bass
Samuel Michnik – drums

Entry: £5
Free for musicians