It all started with a simple idea. We first began running a monthly music event called Salt Peanuts – a living room jam session attracting not only talented artists and musicians, but also a very conscious audience.

Salt Peanuts then morphed into a rich community where each person had the space to experiment with their own medium. This became the Unit31 family.

Salt Peanuts was merely a catalyst for transforming the project into what it is now –  a creative collective whose work goes beyond set boundaries and expectations.

This spurred us on to host even more musical experiences that listeners could engage with at the highest level.

Our talented musicians use this space to collaborate and produce some fresh and authentic records under our Unit’s label, bringing together a mix of live performances, theatrical pieces, and films.  

Having a very diverse set of skills, as well as absolutely loving what we do, allows us to take a venue and turn it into a community through an experimental approach to making music.

The music we produce also finds its reflection in the visual form, made possible by having a filmmaker on board. Combining the two elements allows us to expand this initiative beyond the boundaries of our space..

Music and the visual arts are also merged in other projects we oversee, including music video production as well as photoshoots, which we support at all stages of the creative process – from the initial idea through to the production itself.

Our space is also open for other initiatives and projects and can be adapted for various purposes including film, gallery events, photography and more.

In our collective space in Limehouse, we assist in shaping, not only the local community, but a knowledge and appreciation of music in its broadest sense.