Cykada have forged a unique and infectious sound. They combine live and electronic music with global inspiration from West Africa to Eastern Europe, throw in some beats and riddims of sound-system culture, the spontaneity of jazz and we have a new dynamic mashup unlike anything previously witnessed.

Comprising of members of Ezra Collective, Maisha, Myriad Forest, Undergrooveland, LAB Collective and Don Kipper, Cykada is:

Jamie Benzies - Bass
Tim Doyle - Drums
Javi Pérez - Guitar
James Mollison - Sax
Axel Kaner-Lindstrom - Trumpet
Tilé Gigichi-Lipere - Electronics

SHOVE - Film Premiere x Flaw Producciones #AbortoLegalYa

SHOVE is a metaphorical dance film that reflects a reality: the 25 million unsafe abortions that occur each year worldwide.

Retaking taboos, stigmas and moral barriers, the video shows its protagonist -Estefi Spark - in a post-traumatic state performing monstrous movements and dancing on the streets of Berlin.

The recent failure of the Argentine Senate to pass a bill ensuring the right to safe and legal abortions for all women in the country and her personal experience after having lived 8 years there, caused her to shout about the issue and shove it into the public eye.

The film goes together with the proclamation of female ownership of the body that Pringle and Spark have been making since they met 8 years ago, in Argentina, when together with Mailén Cisneros, founded the performance group F.L.O.W. ALTAS WACHAS. Both wachas now based in Berlin, bring this movement to Berlin and present their work with SHOVE, a Pro-Choice Campaign.

Lauren Jayne Pringle is director, producer, performer and movement coach based in Berlin and London. She has worked on global campaigns with Boiler Room, Conde Naste and SomeSuch and on several independent projects with acclaimed filmmakers from around the world.

Estefi Spark is one of the founders of FAW DANCE SCHOOL and a strong influencer, promoting the liberation and the own control of the female body. Professional dancer, art director, one half of Faauna musical duo and stylist, Spark is an activist of the "pro-choice" movement together with F.L.O.W. ALTAS WACHAS.

Hosted by the wonderful Amy Cooper
8.00 pm - Welcoming
9:00 pm - Short presentation and short panel talk to do an overview of the topic.
9.15 pm - Film Premiere Screening
9:30 pm - Q&A with Director, Dancer, Producer + House Of Girls
9:45 pm - Stella Zekri on the beats!

Director/Producer: Lauren Jayne
Dancer: Estefi Spark
Male Actor: Cristian Del Negro
DOP: Adriana Berroterán
Assistant Director: Jhiliem Miller
Assistant Producer: Vir Hernandez
Production Assistant: Manouk Van Kuyk
Production Assistant: Cristian Del Negro
Gaffer: @joran ost
1st AC: Pepe Ramirez Naval
1st AC: Manuela Aguilar
Art: Marcel Schoen + Estefi Spark
Make-up: Guadalupe Ron + Estefi Spark
Editor: Jhiliem Miller + Agustin Farias
Colour: Dan Moran
Photographer: Agustin Farias
Press Campaign Officer: Vir Hernandez
Sound Design: Josh Grey-Jung
Additional Music Production: Brooks Fred
Song Title: Poser - WHITE TALLS
Graphic Design: Cecilia Serafini
Research: Patricia Zegarra

Musicalisado by:

Stella Zekri




PortraitJazz#6: Milt Jackson & John Coltrane - Bags & Trane

For the 6th edition of PortrIt Jazz we would like to explore Bags and Trane which features, as the name may suggest, vibraphonist Milt Jackson and saxophonist John Coltrane in their only collaborative record. Together with Hank Jones on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Connie Kay on drums, this is a classic hard bop album and showcases both leading musicians to great effect.

One of the defining characteristics of this album is the great respect Bags and Trane show each other. Their solos flow smoothly into each other and their conversations, especially the one in the composition Bags and Trane, are perfect. Despite the quality of their rhythm section, their solos are the thankfully omnipresent highlight of the album. Take for instance the beginning of Late, Late Blues. The bass perfectly sets the base of the song which Milt Jackson then follows and quickly expands into a full blown solo played over the backing of the rhythm. That passage is jazz in its purest form.

House band:

David Mrakpor - vibraphone
Theo Erskine - tenor
Raffy Bushman - piano
Edoardo Bombace - double bass
Samuel Michnik - drums

Salt Peanuts 22nd edition hosted by Ty

This will be the 22nd edition of the Salt Peanuts Cypher and we are really proud to welcome Ty to the Unit31 team! Ty has made the last two editions of Salt Peanuts really special so to have him as our host for the forseeable future is truly an honour. Also delighted to have Misters Sheldon Agwu and David Mrakpor in the house band - both Unit31 OG's.

Let it be known that Salt Peanuts will now be happening consistently on a monthly basis. If you can't make this one there will be another coming your way very soon. Otherwise see you on the 17th!

House band:

Tim Quicke - trumpet
Theo Erskine - saxophone
Sheldon Agwu - guitar
Raffy Bushman - piano
David Mrakpor - bass
Samuel Michnik - drums

PortraitJazz#5: Herbie Hancock - Takin' Off

For the 5th edition of Portrait Jazz we would like to explore Herbie Hancock's debut album 'Takin' Off'. Released with Blue note when he was only twenty two, it is widely considered one of the most accomplished and stunning debuts in the annals of jazz. The album has a typical hard bop sextet setup with Dexter Gordon and Freddie Hubbard making up the horn section, but in the compositions we see Herbie's amazing creativity and early signs of a musical genius who would take the piano into the modern age.

Portrait Jazz is a jam session every other Tuesday at Unit31. At every edition the house band plays a classic Jazz album from start to finish, after which we will open up for anyone who wants to join and play over various bebop/hard bop standards.

House band:

Johnny Woodham - trumpet
Theo Erskine - tenor
Raffy Bushman - piano
Twm Dylan- bass
Samuel Michnik - drums

Door: £5
Musicians: free